Altera SMS

Non-Voip phone numbers controlled and managed through a platform you are faimilar with: Discord. Join hundreds in trusting the leading SMS provider for your favorite applications and services.

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Easy to use

AlteraSMS features an intuitive discord experience and adopts KISS principles without sacrificing speed and reliability.

Generate numbers right from discord with our "/getnumber" slashcommand.
Paste your number into your your desired website and send the 2fa code.
Run the "/checksms" command from within discord to display incoming messages!


Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority, see some of their reviews below.

“payment is instant, numbers are cheap & high quality. Perfect for my Ubisoft accounts! I will buy again.”


“Quick, easy, and amazing customer support. Will 100% come back”

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@Sellix Feedback.

“Works and was fast! Support was also extremely helpful!”


“Great way to get any phone number for verification”

On God

“super easy to use and great support definitely would buy again”


“Works and was fast! Support was also extremely helpful!”


Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team via Discord